As you know, some pigments were definitively banned in January 2022, while others, namely Blue 15:3 and Green 7, were given a 12-month extension by the European Commission.

Therefore, the two pigments Blue 15:3 and Green 7 will also be officially banned from January 2023.

All colours resulting from their mixing will also be affected by this ban and will no longer be allowed to be used and marketed in Europe.

So what to expect?

Unfortunately, there are currently no replacements on the market and manufacturers have so far been unable to find viable alternatives. Therefore, from January 2023 these shades will disappear on the ENTIRE European market.

At present, the only solution that has been found with the participation of various brands is to apply a massive discount on these shades that will no longer be usable from January 2023, to make them more affordable as of now.

How much will the discount be and how long will it last?

ALL shades that will be taken off the market will be discounted up to 40%, from 21/09/2022 until stocks run out or the ban comes into effect.

Find the brands that have joined so far below: