Frequently Asked Questions

Are your prices VAT included?

No, all the prices shown are VAT excluded. Our website will automatically calculate the VAT and will add it to your cart, before your order confirmation.

The Voucher I am trying to use is not working.

Check your Voucher expiry date, make sure you entered the code correctly (copy/paste) and that you comply with applicability requirements.

I’ve already placed an order and then realized I own a Voucher. Can you apply it?

No, the Voucher can only be cashed in at the same time of your order.

I need to make an addition to the order I’ve just made on your website. How can I do that?

We can only make additions for orders with COD (Cash on Delivery) or Bank Transfer payments. In this case please write to [email protected]. This is not possible if the order was paid by Credit Card or PayPal.

I need to change the order I have just sent. How can I do that?

It is not possible to change orders after they’ve been sent. Although you can ask for the entire order cancellation. Please write to [email protected].

My order status is on “Pending Payment” because the Credit Card or PayPal transaction was not completed. What shall I do to replace the order?

This order cannot be replaced or paid for. It is necessary to place a new order by using the function “reorder”. The order with the “Pending Payment” status will automatically be delayed right after 24 hours.

I entered a Voucher but during the transaction the payment did not go through. Now the Voucher results as already used.

The Voucher has been “burned” and is no longer valid. Please write to [email protected] to ask for a new Voucher Code.

I do have money on my Credit Card but I am not able to pay for the order. Can you tell me why?

We can only check if the amount due was transferred into our account or not. We cannot know the reason about the declined payment by your Bank, Institute, Account or Prepaid card or PostePay.

I am not able to complete the order. In the cart, I am asked to fill in all the required fields. What shall I do?

Go to “My account” and check that, inside Account Information and Address Book (“Change Address”) all the required fields highlighted in red are filled in.